Living in FLint, MI

Digging up water pipes

Living in flint Michigan my whole life, things start to become a normality. These past couple years living in flint as you may know, are very stressful due to our water. I work out of Burton, MI as a service business. We go into peoples homes that want our service and what I tend to notice going into these contaminated watered homes is they have piles of cases of water stacked almost to their ceiling.

Flint has been going through this for over two years now. Population is slowly declining, fellow citizens that have been in flint their whole lives resort to moving for cleaner water. Flint has water stations set up all over so people do not have to travel far to get the couple cases they need a day. You need water bottles for drinking clean water, baking, cooking, and sometimes bathe. The government officials  had declared that the water was safe to bathe in 2016. If your bathing kids you have to watch them and make sure they do not drink any of the water. As this all may seem bad now they do have some plans to go ahead and try to fix this crisis.

In March 2017 the Environmental Protection Agency awarded Flint, MI $100 Million to help restore pipes and infrastructural  upgrades. As though it still seems like a landslide away from being fixed there are still positive things that go around through the communities. Celebrities that grew up around Flint love to donate and give back to their own city.






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