Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees?


Have you ever wondered what would a scary movie be like if it was Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees? Well now you can find that out for yourself! October 31, 2017 you can be one of the first persons to watch this movie.

This is going to be the best scary movie that has came out since Freddy VS Jason. Tickets go on sale mid August for the pre sale.

Well we’re really passionate about this project. We know its gonna be a big.. deal. Not only in the Horror movie world, but also in the film world period. And with that kind of pressure, we can’t help but to make this film as good as great as it could be. – Brad Fuller

Yeah Brad’s totally right. We initially started bringing up the possibility of this crossover back in 2013, unfortunately we were never able to progress on it like we wanted to. But now that the cards are in place, we can finally give the fans what they’ve wanted for decades. And that is to finally get Jason and Michael onscreen together for the first time ever! – Malek Akkad

They are very excited about releasing it just as were excited to see it. So save that date so you can be the first to see it.

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