Sick of your cable providers? look at the FCC proposal to change that.

This day and age there should be no such thing as a monopoly or even being close to a monopoly. These cable providers set their own prices based on what area you live in and the need of service. Sooner than later this is going to change, the future has something to hold.

Ninety-nine percent of pay-tv subscribers are chained to their set-top boxes because cable and satellite operators have locked up the market. Lack of competition has meant few choices and high prices for consumers – on average, $231 in rental fees annually for the average American household. Altogether, U.S. consumers spend $20 billion a year to lease these devices. Today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s is proposing a way to tear down the barriers that currently prevent innovators from developing new ways for consumers to access and enjoy their favorite shows and movies on their terms.

Replacing them with a government designed solution has already been rejected by the FCC, but apparently this makes sense in the waning days of an administration trying to get the government’s hands into everything.

As Professional rapper Eminem says:”So the FCC won’t let me be or let me be me so let me see they tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me.” Gives you an idea how strict the FCC is.


If you want to see what the FCC’s proposal is click the link below to find out some stunning facts.


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