Publicity Stunt?


(Flint, MI) I’m going to thank all of the celebs that had helped our city by donating millions of water bottles and millions of dollars to the families that got hit hard by the most tragic water crisis ever since we started to keep records. As you may know the city of flint has lead, which can cause illnesses most commonly found in children six years old or younger.

Over the past few weeks, as many people is defiantly aware that there is a water crisis in My home town, Flint, MI. Many actors, corporations, small business, and rap artists are coming through with a movement to help the city of Flint in this terrible disaster.

Cher, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Pearl Jam, Ezekiel Ansah, Jack White, Sean Combs, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Mark Wahlburg, walmart, Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Jon Cryer, Seth Meyers, Kem, and Rosie O’ Donald all with there good hearts came through and donated what they could to help out their supporters and family. I have been studying this crisis ever since it started and i have been getting wift of “These businesses, actors, rappers, and corporations are doing as a publicity stunt to get their name out there and eventually just get the money back because they helped in a time of crisis.”

Its time to weigh in on your opinion, what do you think? are they actually doing this for a publicity stunt or do you think they are just doing it out of their kind heart to help their supporters out?


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