Oboma does not like trump at all, can you tell?

President Obama surprised his attendants today when he attended his monthly invite-only white house barbecue wearing an “Fuck Trump” t-shirt over the weekend.


Democratic elected officials looked “stunned” as the president walked around the event with a grin. Reporters said the Republican congressmen looked breathless and astonished. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio spoke with media after the ceremony and said, “The shirt is the definition of inappropriate. Ignorance is not a joke, and the president making such an insulting statement is uncalled for.” Pressed for more insight, Boehner added, “If the president really wants to make a mark after stepping down from presidency, he should listen and do what we say. We know what’s best. First thing, start by pulling up your pants. Second, stop acting so uncivil all the time.” On a more positive note, Boehner admitted that he “did enjoy the Cuban cigars the president gave me for Christmas.” But “this proves Obama has no idea what he’s doing. After being informed by an attendant of the event, Colombian pop-star Shakira took to twitter to address the stunt.


“Obama Wears “FUCK TRUMP” T-Shirt To White House Barbecue Read More at Www.hotglobalnews.com/obama-wears-fuck-trump-tshirt-to-white-house-barbecue/.” Hot Global News. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.

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