Powerball Jackpot Winner Dies Of Cocaine Overdose After Partying With Hookers

32 Year-old James Hugston was 1 of the 3 lucky winners to hit the billion dollar jackpot. He received an estimated $327 million lump sum. Now most people are aware it takes 4-8 weeks to collect your money after you put in a claim. But Mr. Hugston couldn’t wait and took out a loan from a money lender to start blowing his millions immediately. His first purchase was a multi-million dollar furnished home. Rick Kingston a close friends of James said he was trying to keep his identity a secret and was doing it well by quickly moving out his 2 bedroom apartment where he lived with his girlfriend who he broke up with once he won. At the multi-million dollar home where James Hugston was found dead over a kilo of cocaine was found close friend Rick Kingston said “James went crazy fast! First he bought this huge house then cocaine and invited over 10 hookers from backpage” a website know for prostitution. It is unclear what will happen with the remaining of his winnings James Hugston only has 1 living family member his 60 year old mother Melissa Hugston who has not commented on this tragic situation.






39 responses to “Powerball Jackpot Winner Dies Of Cocaine Overdose After Partying With Hookers

  1. UPDATE: The money has been received and being told James Hugston had taken out a loan of $27 Million and his mother had gotten the rest of the lump sum. She had lived in a small town and now she lives in a warm place that costs more than your whole life.


  2. He was such a good kid in high school it was that girl he married, what a tramp. she found him in his new house and had all her friends murdalize him. he was goibg to take me to paris when he got all his furniture moved in. now it’s just me and the puppy, and two cats, and the bird. such a tragedy. he had insurance, so I’m taking his ashes to paris, where he always wanted to go -mom

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  3. i know this is true. My cousin’s best friend’s sister’s hairdresser does Hillary Clinton’s gardener’s mani-pedis and he said that he heard Bill had been there because it was one of his Backpage girls partying and he tracked her down using the chip the Secret Service had implanted so Bill could keep tabs on her. Seems the coke they were doing was part of the stash recovered from the plane Sean Penn used to capture El Chapo, and it was really pure shit. I mean, Bill only gets the primo product. Long story short, Bill ran out of the house and his limo was gone, driver was running a side job, and when it finally got back, a very drunk Sarah Palin was inside with freshly bruised knuckles from a fight. Bill took her to his wife’s hair salon to get a broken nail fixed for his dinner with her the next night. SO I KNOW IT’S TRUE!

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  4. Wow… and I would have just paid off all my debt, my mom’s debt, paid back my aunt for cosigning on my student loan, donated to charity and started an alpaca farm. Its good that this guy won instead.


  5. This is why you teach your children about God first teach them that God gives this gifts to certain people to share and he test you to see what you would do with what he gives you.


  6. So he took none of his money with him? What a shame, and a great lesson to greedy buggers like Trump, Slim and Buffett etc who would sell their own grandmother


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